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It's not about us, but since you may want to know the people behind the work...
Epiphany Media is a consultancy founded by Christine M. Moore, in strategic partnership with a core group of veteran public relations professionals actively engaged in Good News work. Each member of the network only engages in work that lines up with that person's vocational calling, gifts and orientation, so Christine handpicks a team from around the block or across the nation to fit the needs of each client, partner and project. This ensures each client receives passionate, committed representation at every stage and level of any project. This flexibility also lets us expand or contract team size to line up with the needs of individual budgets. Our varied interests, activities and expertise also keep things interesting.
Christine M. Moore Founder & Principal
Christine’s vocational calling to be a bridge-builder and voice for the voiceless led her to establish Epiphany Media in 2003, which exists to serve the communications needs of individuals and organizations – faith-based or secular – in order to effectively advocate and promote ideas, products, services and actions that strengthen and sustain community.

In the time since, she has provided communications counsel and public relations/marketing services to authors, activists, publishers, non-profit organizations, associations and companies, increasingly in the areas of social justice and creation care/eco-stewardship. She also has carved a niche as a top public relations consultant for the faith-based travel industry.

Christine's path to Public Relations started with her first job in daily newspaper journalism. She understands the needs of the media and what is and isn't news. She leads all media campaigns and enjoys helping clients distill and communicate their authentic, core message and identity so that they can capture hearts and minds. 

Before founding Epiphany Media, Christine spent seven years representing faith-based organizations at A. Larry Ross Communications. There, she provided media and public relations services for such organizations as the American Bible Society; Total Living Network; Mercy Ships; World Concern; Voice of the Martyrs and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Prior to her agency tenure, Christine worked as a legislative aide at the Korean Embassy in Washington, D.C., and previously on the editorial desk at The Florida Times-Union, a daily newspaper covering Jacksonville and northern Florida. (Yes, she's a part of the Gator Nation.)

Christine has been a featured panelist, guest speaker or moderator at various religious trade events, including the National Religious Broadcasters Association (NRB) annual convention; the Associated Church Press (ACP) convention and the World Religious Travel Expo.

Christine was recruited in high school by West Point (as in the U.S. Military Academy) but chose a different path. She may have lost her chance to be a future member of the top brass, but Christine's clients have gained a dedicated, creative campaigner and advocate who is willing to get in the trenches when necessary. And she does make a five-star pecan pie.

strategic partners

Gregg founded I AM PR to promote good news stories. He specializes in strategic communications to turn the testimonies of authors, ministries, non-profits, and for-profit companies into important news stories, best-selling books and powerful events. Before launching I AM PR, Gregg served as PR Director at Josh McDowell Ministry, and previously was on the account team at A. Larry Ross Communications, where he represented many faith-based organizations and ministry leaders, including Bishop T.D. Jakes and Rev. Billy Graham.

Gregg began his career on the Riviera (yes, that Riviera) and his vocal stylings have landed him in several major musicals. Did we mention he is a marathon runner? Talk about a Renaissance Man.

EmPowerCom provides Strategic Business Communications workshops and Media Training for multicultural environments. Lynn is well-known in the television news industry as a pioneer of media training, and in the corporate world as the originator of the "Whole Brain Communication Method." Clients depend on her insights, cutting-edge critiques, research-based approach, creative energy and strategic business acumen that consistently provide immediate and long-term results. Her sessions impart insider secrets and techniques used by professional broadcasters that set them apart in a highly competitive industry. Lynn is also a CBA author ("Talk Like Jesus" and "Spiritual Moms"), popular speaker and teacher.

Creative, disarming, prolific and versatile -- Lynn wears many hats. Once as a theater major, Lynn showed up at Thanksgiving dinner dressed in her full Scarlett O'Hara costume. And spent the whole meal in character. Her Thanksgiving hostess remains a lifelong friend. Fiddle-Dee-Dee. We're not saying she's a drama queen, we're just saying she has character. 

special teams

From world-class photographers to brand communications consultants, our Utility Players bring extra depth to our bench. These are our go-to people when we have a project that requires their special touch. Two of our favorites are a California-based photojournalist who specializes in spiritual, lifestyle and adventure photography, and a Philadephia-based Christian travel development consultant.

Our Advisors include a variety of publishing, communications and media professionals; ministry and philanthropic leaders; authors; travel executives and association chiefs. On occasion, we even tap into our grassroots network of friends, church members and associates -- the very kind of people our clients often want to reach.

it’s about relationship. so we help identify your core message and deliver it in the right way to the right audiences. to connect. 
to build community.

epiphany philosophy

We are selective. We only engage in purpose-filled work that we can fully and passionately support.

We will not exploit audiences, but work to build meaningful, long-term relationships to advocate and promote ideas, products, services and actions that strengthen and sustain community.

We respect clients, media, audiences and ourselves. We will not risk a client's reputation or our own by contacting the media about a story or idea with no news value; will only contact opinion leaders when an idea has integrity and makes sense; and will not peddle in manipulative, dog-whistle messages that spring from fear instead of faith. We do provide compelling content to our clients, media, influencers and audiences at the local, regional, national and international level.
Gregg Wooding
President, I AM PR
Lynn Scarborough
President, EmPowerCom